Here you can find information on Olari parish’s activities for 1-7-graders. We try to update this pages regularly so the information here would be on point.

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Kolme värikkäisiin leipurin asuihin pukeutunutta lasta seisovat pöydän ääressä, jonka päällä on monikerroksinen täytekakku.


We run different kind of clubs for 1-6-graders in the Olari parish area. Depending on the time there may be clubs for sports, cooking, arts, acting and more. Clubs are held once every week (excluding school holidays) Clubs are directed by trained club leaders with the help of supervising adults. There is no participation fee in the clubs. All the information about the clubs that are currently on can be found here. If you are interested to join some of our clubs you can register using the online link.

All clubs will start from 1.2.2022 onwards.

If you have any questions about clubs please contact Timo Kekkonen


All the clubs for the spring 2022 will be displayed here we will ad more clubs as they are confirmed


17.30-19 Theater and acting club for 3-6-graders at Matinkappeli (Näytelmäkerho)


18.-19.30 Cooking Club for 4-6-graders at Matinkappeli (Kokkikerho)
If you want to register for club please click this registration link and choose the correct club.
Club names are only in Finnish in the registration site.



Olari parish organizes different kind of camps all year long. Camps are held at our Camp Centers and they are usually they last for the weekend. . Camps daily program includes indoor and outdoor activities, arts and crafts, games, good food, prayers and fun times together. Day camps are similar to the overnight camps but they are held at Olarin kappeli during day times. If you want to participate in some of our camps you can register in them using the link at the corresponding camps information.


Heroes Camp for 1-6-graders on 1.-3.4.2022 at Velskola kurssikeskus.
Who actually are heroes and what does it take to become one
These are the questions we are trying to find the answer for during our spring camp.
There is going to be a lots of fun activities for you to enjoy.
Price 35€ which includes everything (buss ride, food, accommodation, program, insurance)
Register for Heroes Camp using this link

DayCamp for 1-4-graders on 6.-9.6.2022 at Olari Kappeli
Great way to start the Summer Holiday with fun times.
Each day is held from 09.00 to 15.00 and they include lunch and snack.
Price is 30€
 Register for DayCamp using this link!

MegisCamp for 5-7-graders on 10.-13.6.20220 at Camp Site
Our traditional summer camp for the older schoolchildren! Best way to start your summer holiday with fun activities!
Price 45€ which includes everything (buss ride, food, accommodation, program, insurance)
 Register for MegisCamp using this link!


Chapple is an Olari Parish’s place in Iso Omena.
Chapple is open for everyone on every weekday from 9.30-20 (sometimes during the weekends).
During evening times (15-20) we have one room open for only the youth and
on Mondays and Tuesdays at 15.00 to 17.00 the Youth Room is open only for 1-7-graders.
You can come and do your homework, have a snack, play games or just have a good time.

There is always at least one youth worker present. You can find many activities in the Chapple.
There are a lots of board games, ps4 and Switch consoles, pool table, foosball and more.
You can find more information about Chapple and other events there over at chapple.fi/in-english/


If you have any questions or want to learn more about our work please contact us.

Timo Kekkonen
050 364 8983
timo.kekkonen(tämä korvataan ät-merkillä)evl.fi

Camilla Vuori
050 338 7013
camilla.vuori(tämä korvataan ät-merkillä)evl.fi